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The next development for the Avoozer KV smart phone is the development of the E-SIM’s system. Many countries have strict regulations around pay-as-you go SIM cards, while other countries have some very relaxed regulations around the same. With the set up of Zero Avocados own E-SIM system, to exclusively support the Avoozer phones, users will no longer need to get a physical SIM card for their Avoozer smart phones. This process will instead be replaced by an app where the


The Avoozer smart phone with its first model, KV Beta, is now ready for shipping of its first batch.Months of work in open source systems and building networked support for Avoozer has been completed allowing us to proudly ship the first phones. Key features have been to not only create the smart phone itself based on open source operating systems and aps, but to build a network structure that supports the concept and services behind the phone. Privacy is something that