Avoozer develop secure mobile communication solutions.

We focus on the security and privacy of the user. We strip out the functions found in other smart phones using Android or iOS that tracks, records and invades the privacy and security of the individual user or organization.



We use well tested hardware in combination with customized open source solutions to deliver a product that is safe, secure and private. This combination allows us to provide cost effective products the client can trust.

At Avoozer we believe that communication should be a private matter, and that each person themselves should have the right to decide what they want to share with others and when.

Decentralized networks, peer to peer communication and encryption are the core base for what we develop.

Google holds an average of 2GB of data per person who use any google service.
2GB of data is the same as the entire text in not just1 bible, but the same as in 700 bibles. Data includes every search made, every YouTube video watched, every website visited as well as every location of a person and is updated up to 4 times per hour!

Avoozer  focus on developing open source, decentralized and secure solutions for communication, digital storage and trade.