A New Kind of Instant Messaging

Our secure and private messaging app that comes preinstalled on all Avoozer smart phones is based on the Tox protocol.

Whether it’s corporations or governments, digital surveillance today is widespread. Tox is easy-to-use software that connects you with friends and family without anyone else listening in.


What makes Tox different?

Tox began a few years ago, in the wake of Edward Snowden’s leaks regarding NSA spying activity. The idea was to create an instant messaging application that ran without requiring the use of central servers. The system would be distributed, peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted, with no way to disable any of the encryption features. At the same time, the application would be easily usable by the layperson with no practical knowledge of cryptography or distributed systems. During the Summer of 2013 a small group of developers from all around the globe formed and began working on a library implementing the Tox protocol. The library provides all of the messaging and encryption facilities and is completely decoupled from any user-interface. For an end-user to make use of Tox they need a Tox client. Fast-forward a few years to today and there exists several independent Tox client projects and the original Tox core library implementation continues to improve. Tox (both core library and clients) has thousands of users, hundreds of contributors and the project shows no sign of slowing down.

Tox is made by the people who use it — people fed up with the existing options that spy on us, track us, censor us and keep us from innovating. There are no corporate interests and no hidden agendas, just simple and secure messaging that is easy to use.


Encrypted and Distributed

Everything you do with Tox is encrypted using open-source libraries. The only people who can see your conversations are the people you’re talking with.

Tox has no central servers that can be raided, shut down or forced to turn over data — the network is made up of its users. Say goodbye to server outages!

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