E-SIM with Avoozer

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The next development for the Avoozer KV smart phone is the development of the E-SIM’s system.

Many countries have strict regulations around pay-as-you go SIM cards, while other countries have some very relaxed regulations around the same.

With the set up of Zero Avocados own E-SIM system, to exclusively support the Avoozer phones, users will no longer need to get a physical SIM card for their Avoozer smart phones.

This process will instead be replaced by an app where the users choose a country they want a mobile phone number recognised in, then choose one of the numbers available. With this simple process the user will have access to all normal mobile phone service such as incoming and outgoing calls, text messages and data. The number chosen by the user will be rented on a monthly basis and credit for calls and data can be added online with normal credit/debit cards or even using Avoozers Zercados tokens.

The aim is to have the E-SIM system ready for the Avoozer KV1 model currently being developed by the Avoozer team at Zero Avocado Ltd.

The E-SIMs product name is yet to be decided.