Avoozer KV Smart Phones Ready For Shipping

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The Avoozer smart phone with its first model, KV Beta, is now ready for shipping of its first batch.
Months of work in open source systems and building networked support for Avoozer has been completed allowing us to proudly ship the first phones.

Key features have been to not only create the smart phone itself based on open source operating systems and aps, but to build a network structure that supports the concept and services behind the phone.

Privacy is something that is less and less defended around the world. Big tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook track users intensively, collecting everything a user does and even the location of a person several times per hour. Messaging systems are used to track a persons interest and plans. Privacy is long gone for the normal user.

The Avoozer phone and systems allow people who need it, the right to privacy and secure communication. The use of exclusive Peer-to-Peer chats with double encryption and virtual private networks to mask locations and IP address means that Avoozer smart phone users have access to a reasonable level of security.

Political organisations, researchers, journalists, activists and corporations are a few of those who need access not only to secure and serverless chats, but also the ability to set up their own secure group chats and file sharing outside of the standard internet and social media platforms. 

With this first batch of KV Beta Avoozer phones we look forward to building and expanding the privacy protection our network and system are focused on.